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Mike has a unique ability among copywriters to study a complex subject, write authoritatively about it, and accept feedback to make his work even better.  He became part of the company’s in-house team to help manage and guide our marketing and sales-support initiatives.

For several years, he has written, reviewed or edited most of our printed and digital communications,  including collateral, press releases, newsletters, sales letters, direct mail and video scripts.

Mike also introduced us to message maps, keyword research, blogging  and SEO. He helped us develop a content-marketing strategy to improve our web presence and increase the volume of qualified leads coming through the site,  which today is working very well.  In fact, thanks to Mike’s efforts, we rank in the top three search results for more than a dozen targeted terms.

Mike’s humility and warm personality make him a pleasure to collaborate with, and I would highly recommend him to any organization looking to better articulate their message to the marketplace. We hope to continue to take advantage of Mike’s ingenuity, creativity and problem-solving skills.

Mike is one of the best copywriters I’ve ever worked with. He truly shines when the situation calls for big, creative thinking. Mike is an amazing talent, both in copywriting and creative concepts. With Mike on your team, you always know you’ll get top-notch results delivered on time, with a helpful, professional approach.

We enlisted Mike’s services to craft monthly press releases and consumer-facing email newsletters for a client during their year-long awareness-building campaign.
Mike was excellent to work with: Always proactive, professional and punctual.

Mike’s natural curiosity has been one of my favorite things about working with him.
I tossed a variety of different topics to him every month, and he always enthusiastically dived in to learn as much as he could about the topic in a short period of time, so that he could write about it with authority.

Another great thing about Mike is his combination of humility and professionalism (always easy to brief and always delivers what we need), and creative confidence.
Rather than blindly following instruction, Mike thinks strategically about every project and brings his own creative ideas to the table.

Mike has been a Franchise Services writing partner for several years. He is a real pro--reliable, timely and a pleasure to work with. Mike's blog post topics and writing are always spot-on,  covering the SMB marketing topics that our readers find most relevant--from search, mobile and social, to websites, big data and video.  Without Mike's talent, versatility and writing-team leadership, the blogs we have, for two companies in very different industries, would not  be nearly as successful.

“I’ve worked with Mike on several projects. He is a very detail oriented copywriter with strong conceptual skills. I would highly recommend him.”

“I’ve known and worked with Mike for almost 20 years. Not only is he a great at what he does, the quality of his work is consistently exceptional. What sets Mike apart is his character, integrity and commitment. He’s the type of creative, hardworking writer you want on your marketing team.”

I recommend Mike for his professional approach and creative insights. The copy he provides helps spark creative art direction for my clients’ ad campaigns and marketing projects. As a copywriting partner, Mike is dependable, timely and reliable, and always delivers quality work.

There’s much to gain by hiring Mike Mahoney to work on your marketing communications strategies or programs. You’ll get clear-eyed strategic thinking, on-target creative ideas, and compelling copywriting—all from a hard-working, detail-oriented professional. Simply put, you’ll be hard-pressed to find someone who can deliver more value than Mike.

Like other small business owners I need to wear many hats, including the marketer hat.  But like other owners, I sometimes struggle with creating marketing content that clearly conveys who we are and what we do for our customers.

So one day I went online seeking professional writers who were not only accomplished in their craft but could demonstrate the ability to quickly understand our business.  I spent hours online reading through different copywriters’ websites and samples. Once I found Mike, I knew without hesitation he was the guy I wanted.

Over several months Mike became an integral part of our operation. He worked directly with me to learn our trade and our customers, taking the initiative and proving himself to be a very quick study in an industry he initially knew very little about.

Using what he learned, Mike worked with my SEO manger to meticulously optimize our content and make sure it clearly conveyed our products’ features, uses and benefits.  Today, thanks to their collaboration, we rank first in the Google search results for all of our targeted terms.

I would recommend Mike to any small business owner seeking to improve the quality and effectiveness their web content or marketing communications.

“I really enjoy working with Mike, not just for his clever concepts and well-crafted copy, but also for his in-depth knowledge of advertising, marketing and SEO. He writes relevant, succinct content that’s always clear and right on

Mike Mahoney is a marketer’s copywriter… but what the heck does that mean? Simply that he works to quickly and thoroughly understand your business and marketing objectives, and then gets busy crafting stellar copy and stories to connect with your target audience.

Mike worked on several copywriting projects at CoreLogic, and in every instance,  brought informed strategic insight, while crafting highly engaging content for emails, landing pages and lead-gen/customer acquisition materials.

If you need a reliable, responsive resource for digital marketing, content development, or any copywriting project for that matter, I would highly recommend Mike Mahoney.

Mike has helped AMR on several campaigns for our technology clients and he has always delivered fresh, smart content that consistently hits the mark. We appreciate Mike’s quality writing style, attention to detail, and his ability to work with very demanding schedules…he would be a real asset to any creative team.


If I ever need a copywriter I know that Mike will be the best strategist for whatever the project is. He is such a talent in so many different areas of strategy, concepting and copywriting, that it’s hard to find anything Mike hasn’t done. Hands down, Mike is my first choice for a copywriting partner.

Not many copywriters can be strategic and creative but Mike most certainly is. One of his greatest strengths is the ability to immediately get to the heart of business communications challenges. He knows which questions to ask and can quickly discern what may be missing or needed for optimal clarity and impact. Mike approaches even the most challenging projects with a refreshing sense of humor and always hits the deadline. He's also quite proficient at SEO, including keyword research and content optimization,  which adds another level of skill and value that not all writers have.

The quality and creativity of Mike’s work was head and shoulders above any other writer we’ve used. Mike has a natural ability to turn ordinary ad speak into powerful creative copy. When time was of the essence I knew that I could always count on Mike to nail the right message the first time. His varied experience makes him an asset to any organization.

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