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Uncover gaps and opportunities with a
free copywriting or web-content consultation.

What to expect during your Copywriting or Web Content Review.

During your free one-hour consultation, Mike Mahoney will review and analyze any content of your choosing–from website verbiage, marketing collateral, and ad copy, to web Page Titles and Meta Description or Meta Keyword Tags.  Mike’s approach is friendly and low-key–never salesy.  The goal is not to push materials or work you don’t need but rather help you identify potential gaps, issues and opportunities in marketing copy or website content.

Nothing to review yet? Call Mike anyway.

If you don’t have copy or content to review but still want some guidance or advice on developing materials, you’re also invited to call and request a free consultation. Mike will offer informed opinions and recommendations based on 20+ years of advertising and integrated marketing experience for more than 150 brands.

Why hire a professional copywriter?

Before scheduling your free Consultation, take some time to jot down your reasons for seeking out a professional copywriter and website content creator. Maybe you (or a client) needs a new site or marketing materials. Perhaps you’re launching a new product, or need to name a service or completely retool your brand. It could be that you’re too busy or just plain tired of doing it yourself and are ready to call in a proven copywriting pro.  Whatever your reasons for seeking out a copy content partner, knowing them will help Mike better understand your needs and how he can assist you.

Available copywriting services

Have an idea, strategy or program in mind but aren’t sure about tactical execution? Visit our Copywriting Services page to see the breadth and depth of support that’s available to you right now. Check out our Freelance Copywriter FAQ for answers to some commonly asked questions about copywriting services performed by freelance copywriters.

Schedule your Copywriting or Content Consultation today

Polished, professionally written content puts your organization in the best light possible, and provides a means to immediately connect with new customers and prospects. So call Mike Mahoney today 949-293-5494 today to schedule a Copywriting or Content Review.

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