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Benefit from Mike’s wide range of
B2B and B2C copywriting experience.

Burritos to brain surgery. Diets to defibrillators. Mike’s breadth of copywriting experience makes work fun and interesting but more important is how it benefits clients. Whether you’re a new or established brand, Mike can get right to the heart of your unique benefits and  differentiators, and convey core messages with simplicity, clarity and authority. 

20+ Years of B2B and B2C Copywriting Experience
Orange County Copywriters’ principal, Mike Mahoney, has more than 20 years of strategic and creative copywriting experience in key market verticals, including:

  • Information technology
  • Medical technology and devices
  • Business and marketing services
  • Healthcare and health insurance
  • Consumer products and services
  • Telecommunications
  • Financial Statement Printing and Mailing
  • Banking and financial services
  • Computer hardware and software
  • Manufacturing and industrial
  • Construction and roofing
  • Engineering services
  • Sustainability, conservation, public utilities
Preview a partial list of Mike’s copywriting experience with local, national and international accounts, or his online Copywriting Portfolio.
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